We design with

The Future in Mind

Thinking of the future is always a challenge.  We can't predict it, but we can plan for growth.  That is what we do at Little Fish, Big Pond.  We work with you to help not only design a system for today, but a system that will grow with your company for tomorrow and beyond.

About Us

Hi.  My name is Brian Havlovick.  I am the creator of Little Fish, Big Pond.  Our name shows who we focus on.  Our clients are typically small to medium in size.  We believe that you must have technology to work in the new millenium.  

As we all have predicted, we are living our lives more and more online.  With COVID-19 this has never been more apparent.  We have to work and live with technology.  

As COVID-19 passes, we will get back to normal. But, the social norms that were created during the pandemic will continue.  We have increased our reliance on technology, now we have to maintain and continue to build on it.


We Use Tools

All of the tools that we use are able to be easily downloaded and taught.  If you feel tech savvy, we show you what we use if you want to drive the bus.  If you don't want to, we can help.  We are a one stop shop for all your IT needs.

OUr Tools


Process & Discounts

We wrap all our products into either by the job projects or annual contracts.  We do this so we can pass on special discounts to our services.

Process & Discounts